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Bead Colors & Charms

Bead Colors


Actual beads are shown above  



The small seed beads are available in any color. Please ask. 



JANUARY-GARNET garnet - january birthstone

FEBRUARY-AMETHYST Amethyst - february birthstone

MARCH-AQUAMARINEAquamarine - march's birth stone

APRIL-DIAMOND diamond, the april birthstone

MAY-EMERALD emerald, the may birthstone


JULY-RUBY Ruby is the july birth stone

AUGUST-PERIDOT auguest birthstone: peridot

SEPTEMBER-SAPPHIRE Sapphire, the september birthstone


NOVEMBER-TOPAZ Citrine, november's birthstone 

DECEMBER-TURQUOISE Topaz is December's birthstone


Dangle Charms

color basketball

silver football

silver soccer ball

silver softball

silver baseball cap tinkerbell fairy

silver butterfly

silver mermaid

silver ballerina

silver I love ballet

silver ballet shoes

silver dance charm

color soccer ball

silver flowers

silver megaphone

silver love to cheer

silver cheer girl

silver love charm

silver book charms

silver skull and cross bone silver skull with love and surrounded by stars

silver teddy bears

silver horses

silver horse shoes.

big Sister Heart Charm

little Sister Heart Charm


silver open star

silver star with smiley face silver princess crown

silver peace charm

silver hello kitty

silver moon with stars silver sun

color gymnastic charm, silver heart best friends (not the split best friends charm)

silver sqaure friends charm with flower

silver and color frog charm silver monkey face charm silver cell phone charm color flip flop charm

silver cross charm

silver dolphin charm

silver heart charm

small silver heart charm silver double heart charm

swim and dive charm


Flip Flop Colors

Sizes available in girls:


7/8 (small), 9/10 (medium) and 12/13 (large)

1/2 and 2/3 4/5 are also available

Adult sizes available:

5/6 (small), 7/8 (medium), and 9/10 (large)

Flip Flop Colors:

Black, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, Lime Green, Hot Pink

White is also available






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